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The Next Big Addition in Classic Marble Natural Collection

The Next Big Addition in Classic Marble Natural Collection

We all want our homes to be luxurious and unique in various aspects. For that purpose, you should not miss the great opportunity to make your living space a statement by adding natural Marble. There are various options to apply natural marble in different home rooms.

You can liven up your space and experiment with colors and patterns of Marble by having Feature walls. Applying natural Marble is a powerful way of injecting some life into your walls. If you plan to add a unique texture to your floor, you can choose Italian Marble. This marble flooring from our latest collections is very close to nature.

Nature for Interior

There are several examples of Mother Nature being a prominent artisan in itself. You can look at the design pattern on botanical waves, crystal lagoons, cloudy patterns, etc. Each piece of this natural Marble is unique because of the large, engrossed veins and grains and the spectrum of colors. Experience the touch of uniqueness and elegance with the natural and original textures.

The beautifully detailed designs of Natural Marble effortlessly balance luxury and comfort. It is a true icon of exclusive grandeur and excellence in its most precious form. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the assortment of exotic hues with the most precious Natural Marble in the world. The detailed vein design of this natural Marble radiates pure magic, transforming and elevating interiors for generations.

New Addition to CMC Natural Marble collection –

Our timeless range of natural Marble provides you with endless possibilities of creative designs for your home. We would like you to experience the most exotic stones from our collection. Check out the following new additions to our natural marble collection.

Sky Blue – Nature creates wonders when the sky inspires a million imaginations. Experience the infinite with this amazing sky-blue natural Marble.

Lagoon Crystal – The cloud floods the sky, making us happy. But then the grey clouds’ screams and lights always make us wonder. Bring the feel of nature’s beauty to your living space with this Marble.

Golden Grey –Undoubtedly, gold is a sign of lavishness. And when we talk about Golden Grey Natural Marble, sophistication is an add-on to its beauty. Add this piece to your home and experience the grace.

Cherry Gold – A premium combination of texture, color, and quality is the wealth of Cherry Gold. The luxurious feel of this natural Marble will add to the shine of your home.

Botanic Wave is an eternal natural material that smoothly blends with its surroundings. Experience the ultimate feeling of being close to Mother Nature with this piece of Marble.

Choose from this classic collection of natural Marble for your home to experience elegance and luxury.


If you want to give reality to your dream, think of natural Marble. The new version of Natural Marble in Classic Marble 9th Avenue will help you makeover your home. We deliver this new addition of supreme quality natural marble to your doorstep.


The new version of Natural Marble in Classic Marble 9th Avenue will help you makeover your home.

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