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At CMC we are certain that you will find the surface of your choosing. Here’s everything you need to know, so you can design your space. Below, you will find a list below of answers to the questions we are asked the most often by our customers.

If you are having any trouble finding answers, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.



Why should I use natural stone?

Natural Stones are nature’s work of art. Time alone is witness to the aesthetic beauty and craftsmanship of stone. Natural stone withstands the test of time. It is considered to be the epitome of luxury when it comes to beautifying spaces. It lends a persona to an otherwise inanimate space and reflects the taste and status of the owners/occupants.


Where can natural stone be used at home?

Natural Stone has no limitation on the area of application. Different stones maybe suggest for different applications. Limestones, Granites and Travertines are better suited for facades whereas marbles look flawless in interiors. The properties of stones vary with different geographical territories of origin and their chemical properties. The selection of the colour and character can be purely based on design and where one wants to use. There are different installation methods and precautionary measures for different stones for which we have a trained team to assist you.


Is Natural Stone costly to buy?

CMC has a huge range of Natural Marble and the range starts from affordable to exotic varieties. Marble per se is not expensive today in comparison to what it was a decade ago. With modern mining and globalization, we have marble sourced from more than 45 countries.


Are specialists required to fix Natural Stone?

A good artist can make a beautiful sculpture from a piece of rock. Natural Stones, don’t require a special fixing system. However, to achieve quality workmanship, one needs good people for installation.


Are stones suitable for all floor surfaces?

All stones need a hard concrete surface for installation. In the event that stones are being installed on a raised floor, one must ensure that smaller sized stone should be installed. This precautionary measure needs to ensure that the system below can take the additional weight of stones


Where can I get more information?

Our stonologists are well trained to answer all your queries. Please feel free to write to us on info@classicmarble.com


Is it easy for Natural Stone to stain?

Natural stones absorption capacity is dependent on their chemical properties. However once sealed properly with recommended sealants this problem can be resolved. Our team is trained to recommend the right pre/post installation guidelines to our esteemed clients.


How regularly does the stone have to be sealed?

The surface sealants are recommended based on the traffic and nature of the stone, the general observation being commercial areas once every 2 years and private homes/offices once every 5 years.


What are the surfaces on which Natural stone can be applied?

Natural Stone can be used for external, internal cladding, bathroom wall and floor, kitchen bench top, fire place, columns, driveway, footpath, stairs, shopping centres, commercial and residential projects.
Natural Stones have no restriction on area of application. Natural stones can be used internal as well as external areas.


What is required to ensure the Natural Stone I use is protected?

Ideal flooring marble installation grid sizes should be within the range of 1.5 mtr x 1.5 mtr, these sizes are recommended for installation in order to prevent the marble from developing cracks post-installation. One should periodically re-grout, re-polish, and get sealant treatment done based on the abrasion and wear and tear of the floor.


Is it possible for Natural Stone to crack?

Natural stone’s develop cracks primarily due to primitive installation methods. If installed properly i.e. A leveled substrate and right installation methods, avoiding air pockets and water retention below the surface of stone, you can avoid development of cracks post-installation. Correct processing with the right chemicals and sealants is very important to avoid these issues. With our specialised Process 360, you can minimize the impact of these anomalies.


Is Natural Stone suitable for a swimming pool and public area? If yes, what is the recommended thickness?

Yes, Natural Stone can be used around and inside a swimming pool. You need to ensure that the stones are very low in absorption and the surface is non-slippery.


Can I take home samples?

Yes. However, we recommend that you look at the full slab to ensure visibility of colour variation which will help you make the right choice
We do give sample swatches for recollect value / design boards. You can connect with our team for the same


What is the standard range of thickness available?

Our standard production is 18 and 20 mm slabs. However, Natural Marble can be supplied from 15mm onwards to whatever thickness required.


Is there is a difference between Corian and Natural Stone countertops?

Corian is a man-made solid surface material , while Natural Stone products are either cut from the earth, or an aggregate material made from nature. Corian is sometimes slightly less expensive than natural stone, but it is far more susceptible to scratching and heat damage than most stone countertops.


Do Marble prices change with the colour?

The cost of the marble depends on the availability in the market. If a certain colour is available in abundance, then it will result in a comparatively lower cost. Other factors include the difficulties involved with extracting the stone from the ground, mountain, and transportation costs.


What determines the quality of Natural Stone?

The slabs are categorized by various criteria which determine its quality and ultimately the cost. There are certain factors which truly do make a difference in terms of quality.
For instance, the way the slabs were cut or polished. Furthermore there may be cracks or pits in the stone. These are technical issues which are important, and are taken care of it with our Process 360.
Being natural, different people perceive the color and character with different taste. What may appeal to one may not appeal to another. However, that does not mean the stone is of bad quality.
Being natural, variation in color and character is normal.
At the time of buying Natural Stone, you need to ensure that the variation in the stones are not too big and there are no cracks
There are multiple factors which determine the quality of stone viz. processing technology used, colour, consistency, rarity, thickness and chemical composition. The same material from different parts of the same quarry may differ in quality based on the above characteristics.


Is it important for me to see the actual slab as opposed to viewing a sample?

We believe that it is very important. Most Natural Stones change in tone or visual texture with every shipment. A block extracted a few meters deeper in a mountain may have different sediment which will render a change in color. Furthermore, a lot of slabs have veins going across which would not be visible on a small sample.
Sample is only indicative of color and character. Being natural one should definitely check the full slabs before making the decision.


Are Natural Marble countertops in kitchens encouraged?

We have an extra-ordinary collection of natural quartzites, along with rare and exclusive natural granite which are designed for the kitchen counter tops. You can ask for our exclusive preview of our 9th Avenue Collection.


What are the raw materials used in the manufacturing?

It is manufactured with the same raw materials as other ceramic materials with 100% natural products used


What are the available finishes?

The standard finish for all designs is matt. The Basic Collection can also be manufactured in non-slip and gloss finishes for specific projects


Is it hygienic?

As it is non-absorbent, it does not produce mould, fungus or bacteria. It has a hygiene certificate which makes it 100% compatible with food products.


Does it scratch?

It’s highly resistant to scratching; it has 7 and 8 levels in the MOHS scale which means that it can be only altered by a diamond or a corundum.


Does it lose its original colour?

No, it’s manufactured in one solid mass and is protected by a layer of vitreous enamel. This ensures that it is impervious to both sunlight and sudden changes in temperature.


Does it stain easily?

No, it has a non-porous surface which prevents dirt, oils or liquids from penetrating. It is also resistant to stains and dirt in general. Soap and water is perfectly adequate for daily cleaning.


Is it fire resistant?

It is fire-resistant and complies with the safety requirements for its use in public and private areas


What tools should be used to drill?

Electric drills with WIDIA bits designed for ceramic products can be used with the hammer action turned off. The area being drilled must be cooled with water in order to prevent the temperature rising to the point where the bit melts. Diamond bits are also now available which are ideal for drilling this type of material. We always recommend avoiding the the use of a hammer


Can it be used for paving and cladding?

It can be used for varied applications: cladding, wall covering, flooring, countertops, furnishing and fittings and ventilated facades.


Can the 3mm thickness be used for flooring?

No. The type of application determines the thickness to be used.


What differentiates Kalesinterflex from standard Porcelain Slabs?

It is larger, thinner and lighter than standard porcelain tiles. It is eco-friendly and flexible. It is produced using energy and raw material saving methods.


Where can Kalesinterflex be used?

It is a multi-utility product. However, it is popularly known for facades, interiors, floors and walls. It is used in living spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, houses, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, subways, cafes, terraces and balconies.


What are the surface properties of Kalesinterflex?

The surface of the product is designed with different climatic and usage conditions in mind. It is resistant to flames, scratches, abrasions, chemicals and ultraviolet rays. Its antibacterial surface prevents bacteria from inhabiting, and it cleans itself with its photo-catalytic properties.


What are the dimensions of Kalesinterflex products?

The main production dimensions are 120x360 cm and 100x300 cm. It can be customised to your unique architectural needs.


What is the thickness of the Kalesinterflex products?

The thickness of the products varies between 3 mm and 5 mm thickness. While 3 mm is usually used for facades, 5 mm is preferred on floors and interior walls. Utility will determine the thickness of the product used.


What is the weight of Kalesinterflex products?

Kalesinterflex porcelain slab reduces the load of buildings due to its light weight. A 3 mm thick slab weighs 7 Kg/m2 and a 5 mm thick slab weighs 11.5 Kg/m2.


What are the certifications and documents of theKalesinterflex?

Kalesinterflex, which is produced with commitment to a sustainable life has EPD and Greenguard certificates. It is entitled to receive TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) certificate with its superior quality.


Is Kalesinterflex a flexible product?

Kalesinterflex stands out with its flexibility, and is suitable for different uses. The outer flexibility radius of a 3 mm-thick porcelain plate is 5.5 meters.


What are the advantages of using Kalesinterflex over other facade coating materials?

Kalesinterflex porcelain slab is an ideal material for facades. It displays superior performance under any conditions with its easy-to-cut, flexible, durable, light, thin, antibacterial, fire-resistant and scratch-resistant surface.


What factors one should consider when choosing between mesh and non-mesh products?

Mesh products are recommended for facades as they provide safety and security. Mesh products are the ideal choice for indoor floors and large size wall applications.


What are the mounting methods for Kalesinterflex?

-Hidden clips system

-Adhesive system

-Adhesive system on construction



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