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Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About Natural Stones


When one hears the term natural stone, one would readily think about opulent marble-encased staircases, gleaming quartz countertops, or granite floors. But there are several rather unbelievable things about natural stones that people don’t know about.



Some of those facts are as follows - 



Natural stone was the preferred construction material in the ancient times



According to quality assurance experts associated with leading natural stone companies in India, natural stone was the preferred construction material in ancient civilizations.



To put things into perspective, Rome’s Colosseum, the pyramids in Egypt, the Taj Mahal as well as the Temple of Artemis are some of the best-preserved examples of monuments that were built using a myriad of natural stones. 



Natural stones are known for their ability to beat the aging effects of time. Hence, as the aforementioned monuments are still standing today, it is no wonder that people who deck out their homes or places of business with natural stone surfaces will be able to enjoy their elegance for time immemorial!



Granite is the hardest natural element closely the following diamond



Experts have time and again tested the hardness of granite using the MOH scale of mineral hardness. The MOH scale of mineral hardness is a qualitative scale that is often used to ascertain the scratch resistance and durability factor of minerals.



On this scale, granite scores an amazing 7. To put things into perspective, diamond scores 4 on the MOH scale. Hence, it is no wonder that people who want their homes or commercial properties to stand the test of time, will surely contact the best natural stone supplier in India to get their hands on quality-assured natural stone slabs.



Quartz can act as a tiny battery



Quartz has always fascinated scientists and for the right reasons. Quartz is known for its piezoelectric properties. 



Piezoelectricity on the other hand is the technical term for the electrical charge that accumulates in solids like ceramics, crystals, and biological matter like DNA, proteins, and bones when said solids or biological matter are being subjected to mechanical stress.



The phenomenon of piezoelectricity in quartz can be observed when a crystal of quartz is being squeezed. The force from the squeezing process results in forcing the ions present on the surface of the crystal to undergo charge imbalance. This, in turn, makes the crystal of quartz act like a tiny battery. The process is reversible. When one passes electricity through the quartz crystal, the crystal will squeeze itself without the help of an external force.



The application of quartz’s piezoelectricity can be best witnessed in wristwatches where a quartz crystal is used to keep precise time. The crystal within a wristwatch oscillates thousands of times in a second by taking the electrical charge from the watch’s battery and the inner circuitry of the wristwatch converts those oscillations into one oscillation per second, digitally. 



Amazonite stone is a popular surfacing material



Green amazonite stone is slowly gaining preference as a surfacing material for homes and commercial settings. It is categorized as quartzite and its overall appearance resembles semi-precious gemstones. Leading natural stone suppliers are adding amazonite to their product range so that their clients can have access to amazonite slabs that can be used as countertops, bar tops, tabletops, backsplash, etc.






To learn more interesting facts about natural stones, one should consult experts associated with leading natural stone suppliers in India like Classic Marble Company Pvt. Ltd. by calling 91-22 41404140 or by sending an email at info@classicmarble.com.


When one hears the term natural stone, one would readily think about opulent marble-encased staircases, gleaming quartz countertops, or granite floors.








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