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The Intricate Features of the Chhatrasal Convention Centre in Khajuraho


From its captivating interior design to its commitment to sustainability, the Chhatrasal Convention Centre stands as a beacon of excellence in the heart of Madhya Pradesh. Join us as we explore the inspiration behind its design, the challenges faced during construction, and the overwhelming public response to this magnificent venue.


Capacity and Interior Design


The Chhatrasal Convention Centre in Khajuraho boasts a remarkable capacity, comfortably accommodating up to 1200 people. The center includes smaller halls, three meeting rooms, party halls, commercial kitchens, support areas, business centers, lobbies, waiting areas, and separate entries. Its interior design has been thoughtfully crafted to create a welcoming and functional space for various events and gatherings. The high-quality material provided by the Classic Marble Company is also one of the reasons for the remarkable features in the interior.


Inspiration from Hindu and Jain Temples


The design of the Chhatrasal Convention Centre draws inspiration from the exquisite Hindu and Jain temples in Khajuraho. Elements such as wall stone cladding, carpet designs, and chandelier motifs pay homage to the region's artistic heritage. These design choices reflect the deep appreciation for art and aesthetics that the Chandela dynasty, known for their splendid temples, held dear.


Materials and Architecture


The construction of the Chhatrasal Convention Centre showcases a captivating and clean rectangular shape formed by two L-shaped wraps. These architectural elements create a sense of lightness and spiritual freedom, with one wrap extending from the back to the front facade and another from the back of the reception to the entrance porch. The Kalesinterflex tiles sourced from the Classic Marble Company were used in the facade and ceiling to give both of them a surreal look. 


Challenges Faced and Overcome


Building the Chhatrasal Convention Centre presented numerous challenges that required the expertise and perseverance of the team involved. One major challenge was achieving an attractive and simple appearance without compromising aesthetics. SACPL skillfully handled structural challenges, while V.G. Infraventure Pvt Ltd. executed the construction flawlessly. The visionary leadership of Mr. Hariranjan Rao, the principal secretary of the Madhya Pradesh government, played a crucial role in motivating the team and overcoming these obstacles.


Architectural Vision of Mr. Vivek Kishore


The success of the Chhatrasal Convention Centre can be attributed to the thought process and implementation plans of architect Mr. Vivek Kishore. His creative vision led to the design and creation of the two L-shaped wraps, which fulfilled the building requirements of the center. Mr. Kishore's expertise and dedication were instrumental in bringing the Chhatrasal Convention Centre to life. Classic Marble Company had the privilege of collaborating with Mr. Vivek Kishore in building the Chhatrasal Convention Centre, resulting in a remarkable achievement.  



Public Reception and Demand


The Chhatrasal Convention Centre has captured the hearts of visitors, including the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, who has visited the site multiple times since its completion. The center has also garnered interest from renowned corporates based in Mumbai, who wish to book this aesthetically pleasing venue for their company programs.


Dazzling Design for Comfort and Sustainability


The infrastructure of the Chhatrasal Convention Centre was carefully designed to ensure comfort and sustainability. The surrounding trees further contribute to reducing the temperature. Additionally, energy-saving glass and lightweight Techlam, provided by the Classic Marble Company (CMC), are incorporated to enhance energy efficiency while maintaining a visually pleasing environment.


The Chhatrasal Convention Centre stands as an exceptional architectural masterpiece, combining aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. Its intricate features and commitment to green building practices make it a remarkable venue for various events, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.



The high-quality material provided by the Classic Marble Company is also one of the reasons for the remarkable features in the interior.








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