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How To Keep Dover White Marble Floors White And Shiny?


Your home is your most prized possession and when you finally decide to give it a much-needed makeover then you should choose white marble for kitchen and bathroom countertops as well as white marble flooring.


Well, for starters, marble, compared to mosaic or tile floors, looks more elegant. On top of this, marble can keep a home cool during summer days and since India has a warm and humid climate, you can keep your home cool naturally with marble flooring and

What is the best variant of marble these days?

One of the most fascinating variants of marble meant for floors alike these days is Dover White from the house of Classis Marble Company – a brand that is presently one of the leading marble exporter in India!

Why Dover White?

As per the opinion of a spokesperson associated with the revered marble supplier, Classic Marble Company, Dover White is one of the best-selling variants of marble meant for floorings and wall cladding.
Furthermore, the company officials also state that Dover White has high demand among the brand’s client base and for the right reasons. For starters, Dover White delivers impressive durability factor and aesthetic appeal when one uses it for marble flooring
in India
It has unusual vein designs on the slabs and is a colour that is the result of a unique combination of grey and milky-white tones. It infuses a sensation in the eyes of the beholder as if the floors or walls wrapped in Dover White marble are soft and fluffy!
In this context, it is time to take a look into some handy tips that would allow you to keep the Dover White marble floors in your home white and shiny for years to come –

Always make sure that the marble surfaces are finished off with marble sealers

Make sure that the marble slabs installed on the floors and of your home are sealed using marble sealers. This is an important aspect that locks the look of the marble surface by making it impermeable to stains, scratches and etching.

It is a good idea to periodically polish the marble surface

Hire polishing experts and ask them to periodically come to your home and polish the marble surfaces. Polishing marble surfaces is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep them looking amazing for years to come.

Always make sure that spills on marble surfaces are cleaned quickly

Marble is a natural stone hence; it is riddled with tiny grooves on its surface that act as a reservoir for spilt liquids and even solid matter. This is the reason why, if you spill wine or a bowl of your favourite dish on your Dover White marble floor then you would need to clean it up as soon as possible. Leave the spill for long and you will be left with a permanent stain on the floor that will obviously rob the marble surface of its shine.

It is a good idea to clean the dust off the marble surfaces regularly

Marble is a durable natural stone but it can lose its shine if you fail to at least remove the accumulated dust on marble-wrapped surfaces daily.


Well, dust is made up of tiny abrasive particles that are mostly fine particles of solid matter. Leave a marble-wrapped surface with its dust layers for long and you will be looking at etching marks, scratches, and scuffs when you finally decide to clean it off. Hence, to make sure that the Dover White marble-wrapped surfaces in your home look new for decades, make sure that you clean the dust off of all the marble-wrapped surfaces in your home every day.

Always place rugs or doormats on high traffic areas and on entrances

High-traffic areas in your home should be covered with rugs. In this way, the dust on your shoes or the sole of your shoes will not leave minute scratch marks on the marble surfaces in your home. You can also place doormats on entrances so that the debris and
dirt particles from the outside do not scratch the Dover White marble surfaces in your home and rob its looks.


In the end, you should also remember that you must procure marble for the floors and of your home from a revered marble supplier that also offers installation services. It is the only way you can rest assured that the money and time you are spending will be
worth it all and your home will be pampered with the best quality marble. In case you are looking for a marble supplier that you can trust then you should check out Classic Marble Company by visiting https://www.classicmarble.com. You can also send us an email at info@classicmarble.com


How To Keep Dover White Marble Floors White And Shiny?








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